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Jérémy Paguet is a designer of object, furniture and lighting, located in Montreal, Canada.

Service offer

Design & development of objects
Custom manufacturing
or in limited series

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©Anouk Paradis

Graduated from UQÀM in environmental design,
Jérémy Paguet then worked for 3 years within the Lambert & Fils team and 1 year in a high-end lighting company in Melbourne, Australia. Thus, his attention to detail, his practical and conceptual approach as well as his love for the material are reflected in his projects.
Jérémy Paguet has a particular interest in the transformation of industrial artifacts into new objects distorted from their original functions. In this way, his involvement in the research of new materials and different transformation and manufacturing processes inspires him. It is the relationship between industry and craftsmanship that he aims to highlight.

Also a visual artist and sculptor, Jérémy Paguet sees his passion for the material take shape differently, under different pictorial and plastic approaches that he has explored more particularly since the start of the pandemic. In this way, through a freer and unforeseen approach, he questions the concept of beauty and our own inherent relationship to our constructed world.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any requests for additional information.

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