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Design & Limited Production

Jérémy Paguet


Caserne + Coppers&Brasses


This collection was born from a line: a sinuous line that I drew randomly, then vectorized and which finally animates the edges of this object, between sculpture and stool, which is intended first and foremost: form. In its rugged nature, what is the Spline line? Is it direct, curved, sinuous, paradoxically straight, vertical, unpredictable, natural, straightforward, abrupt or even broken? It doesn't matter: it is, truly, outline and detour(s). As in an organic form, perfect by the very fact of being
– to be a whole, one and finished.

Each Spline is both the product of a repetition allowed by the machine but also of a finish by me whose imperfection reinjects its uniqueness into each piece.

Its production is counted with unlimited possibilities.

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